Whipped at the Earl's Whim

Vashti Valant

Chained & Chastened (Steamy Historical Romance)

The three sisters, Marianne, Annabelle and Susanna are impoverished ladies whose cruel stepfather is determined to fob them off, marry them off, or barter them off… with no concern for what kind of rogues may acquire them or for what wicked whims…

When the handsome but wicked Earl catches Marianne “stealing” his prize stallion, he is determined to punish her. The whipping he has in mind is designed not to bring her pain, but the sweetest pleasure. However, when he realizes he inadvertently compromised a virgin, he feels compelled to offer her marriage.

Marianne never believed anyone could make her feel such wicked delight in such carnal acts. But she wants more from the Earl than his luscious touch. She wants his heart. But even after he offers her a ring, she feels he must hold her in contempt for how brazenly she responds to his touch. How can she ever prove she is worthy of being his wife as well as his harlot?

This is a NOVELLA. It is the first stand-alone novella in the sizzling Historical Romance Chained & Chastened series. This novel is intended for mature audiences only, and contains frank language and steamy, hot, erotic historical romance set in the Victorian era.