The Unselfish Uncle - Hot Dog Detective, Case #21

Mathiya Adams

Everyone loved Ned Pendergast. He was personable, friendly, rich…and generous. Need money for a new house? Ask Ned. Need help with outstanding bills? Ned is always there, pen and checkbook in hand. Need someone to watch the kids while you take the little lady out for an anniversary dinner? Uncle Ned is the man to call.

Why then, did someone cut off Uncle Ned’s head and leave it on the porch of the Pendergast family?
And where is the rest of Ned Pendergast’s body?

Someone is sending a message. But who is sending the message? What is the message? And who is the message intended for?

Detective Cynthia Pierson asks her former partner, Mark MacFarland, who now operates a hot dog cart, for help in solving the crime. After all, if anyone can think outside of the box, it’s MacFarland. MacFarland is surprised when Pierson asks for his help. Then he finds out that the police already have confessions from the murderers: two sisters, Penelope and Serena both insist that each killed the uncle and the other sister is lying.