The Freaky Fan - Hot Dog Detective, Case #6

Mathiya Adams

Football is back!

For those of us who enjoy seeing twenty-two huge muscular men mash it up on a large field, this time of year is a welcome one. Especially for those of us whose baseball team has not fared as well as we had hoped, the prospect of football, where the agony of a loss comes usually only once a week, is a inspiring.

MacFarland is not a football fan. Several years on the streets, with no access to television or even radio broadcasts, effectively weaned him from enjoyment of the sport.

So it is surprising when he is approached by a promising young quarterback to help ensure the Broncos do not have a disastrous season.

How can MacFarland help?

By discouraging a stalker who might bring embarrassment to the team.
Unfortunately, when the stalker turns up dead, MacFarland’s work is cut out for him. He has to prove that the young quarterback did not kill the stalker.

That shouldn’t be too hard, since MacFarland himself is one of the suspects in the young lady’s death.