The Eager Evangelist - Hot Dog Detective, Case #5

Mathiya Adams

A dose of religion! MacFarland’s sister-in-law wants to improve MacFarland’s life, and what better way to do that than to get him involved with a church? Not just any church…the Church of Blessed Grace which promises you not only spiritual happiness but economic success. How could one go wrong with that combination?

Being a rather cynical and suspicious person, MacFarland is a bit dubious about this church. When he discovers that the girl he has been seeing is also going to the church, he finds that he can’t avoid going. Even MacFarland has to admit that God works in mysterious ways!

When he attends the church, his suspicions are heightened when he finds that he simply can’t stand the Reverend in charge of the church. Nor can he understand why a church has so darn many cameras spaced around its congregation hall. What are they watching for?

When a young woman from the church goes missing, and later turns up dead, MacFarland is convinced, the Church of Blessed Grace isn’t a gateway to heaven…it’s a doorway to hell. And the next victim might be someone close to him…