March Update

The Dragon & The Slayer, (The Major Arcana, Book 3) is a stand-alone Happily-Ever-After  Sweet Paranormal Romance set in the magical town of Arcana Glen in the contemporary Rocky Mountains. The Major Arcana Series is now available on Amazon and other major ebook sites. 


The Major Arcana Series follows the re-establishment of the Council of Guardians after twenty-one of the original members of the Council were mysteriously murdered. In Book 3, we trace the discovery of the new Empress and the Emperor…except in Tara Maya’s universe, this is also a juicy enemies-to-lovers romance novel.


Victoria is a Dragon Shifter, an exiled princess whose goal is to protect her Roost. To do that, she must accept the Call to become the Empress on the Council of Guardians.


The only problem? It also means agreeing to an arranged marriage with the human Dragon Slayer who killed her father.


Click here to read The Dragon & the Slayer.


If you’d like to sample Tara Maya’s Tarot paranormal shape-shifter universe for free, you can get a copy of The Genie & the Gymnast for free by signing up for Tara Maya’s newsletter.


Or you can read the first book in the Major Arcana series, The Magician & the Fool for only $0.99 on any of your favorite sites.

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