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Genres Offered by Misque Press


Misque Press got its start publishing fantasy novels. Sub-genres that Misque Press is interested in include:

  • High fantasy
  • Fairytale fantasy
  • Heroic fantasy
  • Sword and sorcery


The primary series in Misque Press’s portfolio are the urban-noir cozy mysteries of the Hot Dog Detective. Misque Press plans on expanding to more traditional cozy mysteries, as well as some harder core mysteries.

Science Fiction

From the first seconds of the birth of the universe, to its cold, iron death, Misque Press has stories that expand the life and breadth of the universe. 

Sweet Paranormal Romance

Love is always magical, but in these stories from Misque Press, love and magic combine to form hours of sweet entertainment. If you’re searching for HEA, you’ll find a lot of it here.

Paranormal Mystery and Urban Fantasy

If you want a little magic or a few demons thrown into your mystery, then look no further. Misque Press also offers glimpses into mystic realms you can only see out of the corner of your eye.

Steamy Romance

Misque Press offers an intriguing variety of hot and steamy romance titles for your personal enjoyment. These titles are intended for mature audiences only.