Elf Princess Enchained

Vashti Valant

The last tendrils of twilight gave over to the velvety darkness of night. A break in the clouds showed the full moon on the rise against the starry sky. Another swan, a black one, fluttered from an unseen part of the garden to the grass beside the lake.

The swans left their lake to waddle up to the shore next to the black swan. At the same time, most oddly, the flock of peacocks spread their plumage to its full fan and strutted to meet the swans. Blue and white birds congregated together for all the world as though awaiting the commencement of some grand event of sober concern to both flocks of birds.

When the silvery moonlight touched the garden, an amazing transformation overtook the birds. In place of the swans stood a row of exquisite pale skinned young women, nude except for diamond jewels and white-feathered skirts around their hips…

(This is the third episode in a five-part series.)

WARNING: This series contains extremely hot sex, including oral sex, anal sex, spanking, capture fantasy, forced seduction, male/female bondage, and male/male bondage. Intended for mature readers only.