David Abbot


David Abbot spent a large portion of his early life in Northern India, living for a while in Ferozpur along the Indo-Pak border. Giving up life on the edges of the Saar Desert, David moved to Chandigarh, one of the great accomplishments of post-independence Indian modernization. While Chandigarh was the official seat of government for both states of Punjab and Haryana, David always knew he was a Punjabi at heart.


Life in Chandigarh was exciting, but nothing compared to the inspirations to be found in David’s next place of residence: Jaipur, Rajasthan. Rajasthan was truly the Indian equivalent of America’s Wild West. Rajputs, almost as warlike as Punjabis, roamed the country side on horses, camel, or even elephants. It was here that David Abbot imbibed the inspiration for his stories of the Prince of Mazidar in the land of Tandaria.

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