Chained in the Devil's Den

Vashti Valant

Chained & Chastened Trilogy

The three sisters, Marianne, Annabelle and Susanna are impoverished ladies whose cruel stepfather is determined to fob them off, marry them off, or barter them off… with no concern for what kind of rogues may acquire them or for what wicked whims…

Chained in the Devil’s Den

The Duke of Banburry has spent ten years travelling on the Continent, but even now that he’s back in England, there is one person he has no desire to see: his wife. Their disastrous wedding night, the skinny, shapeless chit made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him, and he doesn’t desire her either. He’d rather spend his time with the voluptuous vixens at the Devil’s Den.

Susanna has waited to explain to her husband the reason she rejected him on their wedding night, but he won’t even meet with her. She decides she will have her revenge by disguising herself as one of the harlots of the Devil’s Den, and force him to desire her, before she confronts him with his neglect and infidelity. Unfortunately, when she is chained naked before him to be subjected to whatever punishments or pleasures he chooses to inflict, she is the one who helpless to resist him…

This is a NOVELLA. It is the third stand-alone novella in the sizzling Historical Romance Chained & Chastened series intended for mature readers.