Tara Maya

About Tara Maya

Tara Maya has lived in Africa, Europe, Asia, as well as North America. She’s pounded sorghum with mortar and pestle in a little clay village where the jungle meets the desert, meditated in a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas, and sailed the Volga River to a secret city that was once the heart of the Soviet space program. This first-hand experience, as well as research into the strange and piquant histories of lost civilizations, has inspired her writing. 


Her terrible housekeeping, however, is entirely the fault of pixies.

Tara Maya's Books

The Unfinished Song

Initiate - Book 1

Taboo - Book 2

Sacrifice - Book 3

Root - Book 4

Wing - Book 5

Blood - Book 6

Mask - Book 7

Mirror - Book 8

Acana Glen Major Arcana Paranormal Romance

The Magician and the Fool - Book 1

The Seeress and the Seraph - Book 2

Arcana Glen Holiday Novellas

The Tarot Reader's New Year Promise - Book 1

The Griffin's Fake Valentine Bride - Book 2

Science Fiction




Reflections from the Neglected Side