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Explore the magical world of Dindi, a human who just wants peace with the ancient fae and the humans who are driving them to extinction.


Former Denver Detective Mark MacFarland solves crimes the police can't...all the while selling hot dogs at a corner vendor's wagon.

Science Fiction

Explore the distant future of humanity as it struggles to exist in an unforgiving universe.

Sweet Paranormal Romance

A mixture of romance and magic...what could be more alluring and fun to read? These stories are guaranteed to push the boundaries almost to the breaking point.

Paranormal Mystery and Urban Fantasy

Murder and mayhem is bad enough, but add in ghosts, ghouls, and shape-shifters, and you have a challenge for even the best detective.

Steamy Romance

For those who want a bit more spice in their romance, check out the world of steamy romance. Some of these stories are literally out of this world.

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